Dholera Smart City: The Biggest Greenfield Project of India

Cartagena, Colombia

The master plan for Dholera smart city has been drafted and is all set for execution. The largest Greenfield project of India, Dholera shall be built six times the size of Shanghai and twice the size of Mumbai. While the other 100 smart cities shall be Brownfield projects and take shape from existing cities, Dholera […]

The Dholera smart city in India draw inspiration from Shanghai

Cartagena, Colombia

Shanghai in yester years used to be a fisherman’s village. In time the Britishers captured it and international trade started to prosper in the city. Post 1952, the economy surged and taxes were reduced remarkably contributing further to the economic progress of the city. All the other cities of China were also developing fast but […]

Dholera Smart City Makes a Better Investment Avenue than Vellore

Dholera Smart City is better than Vellore. A top exporter of finished leather goods (375 of India’s total exports) and a home to various manufacturing and automobile giants, Vellore spans an area of 87.915 Sq. Km and is populated with over 4 lakh residents. It hosts few top educational institutions of India and has been […]