Market Analysis and Report on Smart Cities in India 2015 – 2020


The announcement to build 100 Smart cities by 2020 in India, and the subsequent budgetary allocation have sent market expectations soaring high in the Real Estate industry. As India prepares to smarten its cities in a bid to resolve the woes of a rapidly growing urban population, the market for all technologies and supporting infrastructure […]

Development commences in the first smart city of India – Dholera SIR


An amount of Rs. 2,785 crore was sanctioned by the central government for development of trunk infrastructure which has provided the city a head start and put it way above the other 10 smart cities of India. The trunk infrastructure development is to happen on 22.5 square kilometer area also known as the “activation area.” […]

Dholera Smart City: The Biggest Greenfield Project of India

Cartagena, Colombia

The master plan for Dholera smart city has been drafted and is all set for execution. The largest Greenfield project of India, Dholera shall be built six times the size of Shanghai and twice the size of Mumbai. While the other 100 smart cities shall be Brownfield projects and take shape from existing cities, Dholera […]