Gaur City 2 14th Avenue @91-9871502895 #Gaur City Noida Extension


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Dholera Smart City Makes a Better Investment Avenue than Vellore

Dholera Smart City is better than Vellore. A top exporter of finished leather goods (375 of India’s total exports) and a home to various manufacturing and automobile giants, Vellore spans an area of 87.915 Sq. Km and is populated with over 4 lakh residents. It hosts few top educational institutions of India and has been […]

How Dholera Smart City is Smarter than Tiruchirapalli


This article shall draw a comparison between two smart cities of India: Tiruchirapalli v/s Dholera Smart City!Dholera is being developed as the first smart city of India. Located in Gulf of Khambhat, Gujarat,the city covers 920 square kilometers of which 567 square kilometers is developable area. Dholera shall be built in 3 phases with each […]