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Local and Online Video Game Stores- Do they Make A Difference?

Back in the day, there were only a handful of video game stores open, today there are many video game stores across the world. As time went by, technology advanced and that meant computers became more advanced which opened the market to game consoles and high resolution games. Today, most video game stores sell games that are new and also sell games that are old and they also second-hand games for all gamers to buy, even those who are on a strict budget and cannot afford new games.

The video game industry is booming with immense power and popularity which gained them billions of dollars in profit, most of these game companies include Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft which each company respectively has made their own gaming consoles to meet the demands of the consumers, these consoles are the PlayStation, Xbox and Wii. Many video game stores are all around the world today, the main reason that they were developed and created was because of the huge success of the video game companies, this allowed the stores to order and sell copies of the games to all the gamers around the world. The internet was also an advantage because it complimented online video games and allowed stores who sold online games to be more popular and profitable.

Hardcore gamers and light gamers now have the opportunity of playing new game titles which have not been released to the public yet, this gives them an insight about the new game and also gives them time to think about whether the game is worth buying or not when it is released. Gamers today can now enjoy the comfort of not having to drive or walk to the mall or video game store just to buy the game they want, they can just do it in their homes over the internet on their computers.
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In some cases, some of them are cautious about online game stores that have affected sales rather than video game stores who rely of their customer count. Online stores have rewards that can benefit their buyers unlike physical and local gaming stores which are found in most of the shopping malls all over the country.
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Online gaming stores have advantages and benefits for their customers, such as letting them try numerous games for a short period of time so they can assess if they want the game or not and they are not required to leave their homes, just play on their computers. It also gives them time to play the games rather than go outside and buy it in a local store.

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