The Enhancement and Long term Prospective buyers of E-Commerce

The Enhancement and Long term Prospective buyers of E-Commerce In the sixties, the armed forces, enormous vendors and banking institutions engineered an electronic means to exchange info greater than extensive distances. This was known as electronic knowledge interchange. Later inside 1970s, a far more highly developed protocol generally known as ASC X12 was introduced to […]

Artha Neo Smart City– A Self-Sufficient Society Placed At A Convenient Location


Artha Neo Smart City is a one of its kind residential real estate project by the Artha Group. It is an integrated township having all the necessities in one gated community. Many apartments are available in this project namely Artha Midas, Artha Serene and Artha Sharanam. Artha Midas offers three categories of apartments in 1 […]

Market Analysis and Report on Smart Cities in India 2015 – 2020


The announcement to build 100 Smart cities by 2020 in India, and the subsequent budgetary allocation have sent market expectations soaring high in the Real Estate industry. As India prepares to smarten its cities in a bid to resolve the woes of a rapidly growing urban population, the market for all technologies and supporting infrastructure […]