Dholera City – How it Emerged?

As we all know, India is one of the most populous country in the world. The increase in population, especially in rural parts of India resulted in lack of employment opportunities for the citizens. In search of new jobs, people from rural India started moving towards the urban parts of India. This resulted in increased pressure on existing cities which in turn deteriorated the quality of living of its residents due to shortage of civic amenities and improper distribution of the same amongst the residents. Rapidly growing urbanization had thus become a grave issue which needed immediate attention; thus the need to create new cities emerged.

Here on was born the concept of development of 100 smart cities in India. Smart cities: Those that are constructed with state of art infrastructure, makes wide usage of Information and Communication Technology, reduces waste, optimizes efficiency, decreases cost and ensures sustainable living.Dholera city, as planned, shall be a living example of the smart city concept.

Dholera Special Investment Region is located 100 kilometers from Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat. The city is spread over 35,000 hectares of which about 14,000 hectares is the processing zone while the rest falls under non-processing zone. The size of the city made Indian government conceptualize it as one that is built twice the size of Mumbai and six times the size of Shanghai.

Development work has begun in Dholera city and traces of trunk infrastructure components are now visible in the city. Rs. 2,784 crores had been sanctioned by the central government for development of such components. This is being built on an activation area measuring 22.5 square kilometers. This area was allotted by the Gujarat state government especially for this purpose. The components include sewage treatment plan, roads, water and other services of public utility.

The city has been divided into six town planning scheme for better administration. Town Planning scheme 1 is specifically meant for residential housing purpose. The city is expected to be built by 2040 and shall host an estimated population of 2 million people by then.
While Dholera city has been initially funded by the central government to the tune of Rs. 5,400 crores (appx), the majority of funds are anticipated in form of foreign funding or through PPP model. Various foreign investors and multinationals have expressed their interest in investing the city and capital flow is expected in Dholera anytime soon.
Dholera city, a city of economic opportunities is also known as ‘engine to economic resurgence of India.’

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