Making of the first smart city: Dholera SIR Project

Dholera SIR Project: The dream project of Mr. Modi and one that sparks the hope of the entire country is in the making.

Amongst the ‘many’ issues faced by India as a country, an urgent one that needed attention was that of accommodating the rapidly moving crowd from the rural parts of India to urban India. This issue was perpetual due to the shortage of employment opportunities in rural parts. Thus, a definite and long lasting solution to this was urgently required.

Construction of 100 smart cities came up as an apt solution to this issue. By smart city, Indian authorities meant cities that shall promote healthy and good standard of living through creation of job opportunities, provision for healthcare and education facilities and availability of basic civic amenities. These would be cities that shall be developed on sustainable living model and shall be low on cost and high on efficiency. Application of Information and Communication technology would be the base to such civilization.

Dholera SIR Project lays down the corner stone for sustainable living. It is a project being undertaken in the state of Gujarat and spreads across 920 square kilometers, encompassing 22 villages. The city is being planned as one that shall be twice the size of Mumbai and six times that of Shanghai.

Rs. 5,400 crores has been sanctioned towards development of various aspects of Dholera SIR Project. This includes construction of trunk infrastructure project, development of Dholera international airport and construction of roads and services in the city. To ensure that the city attracts its share of investments through private sector participation, the trunk infrastructure components are being developed in full swing. Provision of basic infrastructure and amenities in the city shall pave way for investors to put funds in various other projects in the city.

A major milestone in the development of Dholera was approval of construction of Dholera international airport about 20 kilometers from the city. Considering the bout in economic activities that the city is expected to see, an airport near the project had become imperative. In addition to serving passengers to and from Dholera, the airport shall also be instrumental in carrying air passengers from Ahmedabad and nearby cities.

Top notch architects and infrastructure giants are involved in the development of the city, which of course shall be built keeping in mind international standards. Being Mr. Modi’s very own project, full-fledged support is also being received from both state and central government. Going by the schedule, the city should be completed and home to 2 million people by 2040.

Planned as a world class city with excellent connectivity, state of art infrastructure and awesome amenities Dholera Project is certain to go places.

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