Dholera smart city: Urbanization at its best!

There couldn’t be a stronger reaction to the rapidly rising urbanization than creation of 100 smart cities.

Yes, we are talking about the making of 100 cities in India that shall be smart in vision, architecture, amenities, planning, housing, technology and everything that is required to uplift the standard of living and accommodate the rising population in the urban areas of the country. This smart city revolution is being led by a modest city in the state of Gujarat: Dholera smart city.

Dholera smart city, a small village located in Dhanduka Taluka of Ahmedabad district is strategically ideal for becoming India’s first smart city. Its nearness to the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor and the enormous area that the city shall cover makes it an ideal place for becoming the upcoming global trading and manufacturing hub. Dholera spans 920 square kilometers which is spread across 22 villages in Gujarat. The city has been planned as twice the size of Mumbai and six times that of Shanghai. Besides being massive in size, Smart City Dholera is inspired by Shanghai and shall be built on similar lines.

The other cities that shall be developed as smart cities are spread across various states with Uttar Pradesh bagging in the maximum number (13). Other states that follow are Tamil Nadu (12), Maharashtra (10), Madhya Pradesh (7) and Gujarat and Karnataka at 6 each. Of these 100 cities, 20 smart cities shall be developed at the first go while 40 cities shall be selected in the following two consecutive years. The first round of smart cities include Bhubaneshwar, Pune, Jaipur, Surat, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Jabalpur, Vishakhapatnam, Solapur, Davangere, Indore, New Delhi, Coimbatore, Kakinada, Belagavi, Udaipur, Guwahati, Chennai, Ludhiana and Bhopal.

The 20 smart cities are under planning state and master plan for the same is yet to be finalized.Dholera smart city is ahead of them in this aspect and many others too. While the first round of smart cities has been allotted Rs. 2,000 crore each for development, Dholera has been sanctioned Rs, 5,400 crores (approx.) towards development work. Rs. 2,784 crores has been allotted for development of trunk infrastructure project on 22.5 square kilometers activation area, Rs. 1,700 crores (appx) has been allotted towards development of Dholera international airport and Rs. 1,700 crores (appx) has been allotted to L&T for construction of roads and services in the city. Funding through alternate channels is also anticipated in large volumes in the city. Various multinational corporate houses and foreign investors have explicitly expressed their desire to invest heavily in the smart city.

Dholera Smart city is indeed the first and so far the best solution provided to the impending issue of urbanization.

My Name is Soniya, working with SmartHomes Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, which provides Residential Plots in Dholera Smart city.

Bristol trade directory 1871 – starting with Letter B
smart city india
Image by brizzle born and bred
Bristol Baby Linen Dealers

Baker & Burt, 14 Wine street
Hodgson J. A. 15 Maryport street
Jolly & Son, 42-43 College green
King R. 18 Castle street
Lane W. J. 83 Stokes croft
Lindrea G. 21 Maryport street
Mills Miss, 13 Regent place, Clifton
Pamall O. 29 College green
Parker Henry, 31 Maryport street
Richards Mrs. 2 Mall place, Clifton
Rogers Mrs. 8 Carter’s buildings
Thomas Mrs. W.C. 35 Park street
Thorp Edward, 44 Park street

Bacon Factors
(see provision dealers)

(see www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15891282825/)

(see professional directory)

Barge Owners

Bailey J. junior, St. Philip’s Marsh
Gallop Mrs J. Victoria road, St. Philip’s
Danks & Sanders, Bull wharf, Redcliff
Mitchell W. H. 19 Centre Redcliif crescent
Smart J . N. 4 Winsley steeet, Coburg road

Bark Merchants and Factors

Fry & Co. 59 Baldwin street
Hassell & Cogan, 11 Baldwin street
Luff Mary, 36 Welsh back
Quinton C. Welsh back
Stephens Mrs W. 26 Welsh back
Tanner, Hunt, & Co. Back hall, Baldwin street
Tuckett & Rake, 10 Baldwin street

(see professional directory)

Basket Makers

Alway Thomas, 23 Thomas street
Aspland William 60 Hotwell road and 2 King street
Clyst J . 7 Host street
Fleming G. 20 Peter street
Gunter James, Lawrence hill
Harse J. 77 Thomas street
Hillier John, 13 Redcliff hill
James Joseph, 7 Christmas Street, Lewin’s mead
Kirby John, 23 East street, Bedminster
Lowe J. 4 Barrs street
Matthews Thomas, 53 Gloster lane, St Jude’s
Moon Henry, 4 Guinea street, Redcliff
Moon Richard G. 15 Griffin lane
Pingstone William, 56 Castle street
Reece Augustus, 149 Temple street
Weston Peter, 83 Thomas street
Withers J. Passage street
Watt George, 26 Temple street and 1 Prince’s place, Clifton

Bath Chair Proprietors
(see Wheel Chair Proprietors)

(Baths and Wash houses public)

Wash House, Rope walk (Superintendent, W. E. West)
Bartholomew C. College place, (Turkish Camp E. G. 37 College green)
Jenkins Mrs. 9 College green (warm, cold and medical)
Searle James, Victoria baths, Oakfield place, and Rennison’s baths, Montpelier
Webster T. M.R.C.S. Edwin, Malvern house, Redland (medical)

Bed and Mattress Manufacturers

Bessell Henry, Capt Cary’s lane
Bucknall J. Christmas street
Collis J. 26 Peter street
Johnston & Fry, 1 Quay street
Gadd J. 15 Ellbroad street
Laverton & Co. Maryport street
Maggs & Co. 15 St. Augustine’s parade
Smith & Co. 13 St Augustine’s parade
Trapnell C. & W., College Green
Wrentmore J. 40 Castle street

Bedstead Manufacturers

Bucknall Jane, Christmas street
Barnett F. A. Nelson street
Bromhead & Sons, Milk street
Griffiths R. 83 West street
Palmer John, 10 Royal promenade
Tarr Thomas, 3 Victoria rd, Ropewalk

Beer Engine and Bar Fitters

Bourn E. Denmark street
Hale Thomas & Sons, 3 Narrow Wine st ‘
Llewellins & James, Castle street
Williams & Co. Thomas street

Bell Founders and Bellhangers
(see www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15284864373/)

Bellows Makers

Ball O. 36 Redcliiff street
Greenslade E. A. & W. Thomas street

Bent Timber Manufacturer

Munro A. Meadow street

Berlin Repositories
(see Fancy Dealers and Repositories)

Billiard and Bagatelle Table Makers

Collins George, 5 Bridewell street
Smith J. 20 Old Market street

Billiard Rooms

A recognizable form of billiards was played outdoors in the 1340s, and was reminiscent of croquet. King Louis XI of France (1461–1483) had the first known indoor billiard table.

Cross F. 21 Frogmore street
Lloyd Henry, 12 St Augustine’s bank
Stevens William, 51 Broad street
The Garrick, Park row
White Lion, Broad street

Bill Posters and Deliverers

Holmes G. 1 St James’s churchyard
Soughton T. & Co. 22 Little Peter st

Bird Dealers

Dovey Charles, 13 Horsefair
Gosden Mrs. 29 Temple street
Hodgson W. 7 Temple street
Hookway J . 46 Temple street
Howes Robert, 39 Gloster lane
Kingston A. 36 Gloster lane

Birmingham and Sheffield Warehousemen
(wholesale warehouses, and sample goods from Birmingham and Sheffield)

Blankensee Moses, 14 Bath street
Butt A. 17 Bath street
Chavasse Charles H. 17 Redcliff street
Edgworth R. B. 7 Castle street
Folwell, Crawford, & Clibbett, 14 Bridge street
Hall J . W. Bristol Bridge
Isaacs Brothers, 30 Castle street
Nicholls Albert, 33 Castle street
Payne & Thompson, 11 Castle street
White John, 13-14 Peter street

Biscuit Manufacturers

Fardon & Townshend, 48 Castle st
Warren James, Avenue, Queen square

Blacking Manufacturers

Brightman Charles, 14 Augustine’s parade
Brown Andrew, 32 West street
Lemon James, Wellington st. Cathay
Tuckey & Co. Leek lane

Blacksmiths, Brightsmiths, Locksmiths
(see www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15284864373/)

Blind Makers
(see Window Blind Maker’s)

Block Makers
(see Pump and Block Makers)

Blue and Starch Makers

Clements S. G. & Co. Lewin’s mead
Stiff & Fry, Redcliff street
Tuckey & Co. Milk street
India Blue Co. River street

Boarding Houses
(see Lodging and Boarding Houses)

Boat Builders
(see also ship and boat builders)

Hodgson J. Tucker street
Toye Henry, Wapping dock

Boiler Makers
(see also ironfounders and engineers)

Avonside Engine Co. Avon street. St.Philip’s
Baker & New, St. Philip’s marsh
Bush E. & T. S. Cheese lane, Redcliff
Fox, Walker, & Co. St. George’s
Gregory T. Anchor lane
Payne John, Coronation road
Rouch E. & Co. Mardyke Iron Works
Sims W. Albert road, St Philip’s marsh

Boiler Composition Makers

Taylor J.C. & Co. Water lane

Bonded Store Keepers

Baker E. J. Marsh street
Bush J. & R. Baldwin street hall & Prince street
Ford & Canning, King street hall, St Augustine’ s hall, Lewin’s mead & Butts

Bone Merchants

Lockyer & Sons, Avon Side Works, St Philip’s
Prangley & Co. Avon Chemical Works, St Philip’s
Proctor H. & T. Prewett st. Cathay

Bookbinders and Booksellers
(see www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15878895126/)

Boot and Shoe Makers
(see www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15903037621/)

Boot Tree Makers
(see Last Makers)

Bottle Manufacturers

Guest William, 21 Pithay
Powell William & Sons, Temple gate
Powell & Ricketts. Avon st. st. Philip’s

Bottle Merchants and Dealers

Collins & Roper, 114 Redcliff street
Newland Eliza, 14 Lower Castle street
Pearce & Co. St. Peter’s, (Hospital)
Rawlings and Grylls, 2 Marsh street
Rawlings Isaac, 10 Denmark street

Box Makers
(see also Trunk Makers)

(Packing and Hat)

Comer Charles, 80 Castle st (cardboard)
Hale Samuel, 32 Narrow Wine street
Lovell R. 6 Queen street (hat)
Millard S. Elbroad street (packing)
Smart J . Lower Castle street (hat)
Taylor W. 109 Thomas street (packing)
Pearce & Co. St. Peter’s (chemists & medical)

Brass Founders

Adlam & Sons, Weir & Ellbroad streets
Brecknell Henry, Lawrence hill
Bush E. & T. S. Cheese lane
Curtis Jacob, 27 Baldwin street
Gotley Brothers, 34 Thomas street
Hale Thomas & Sons, 3 Narrow Wine st
Harris H. 6 Lower Castle street
Harris Thomas, 83 Castle street
Llewellins & James, Castle green
Luke Thomas, Phippen street
Newton & Heanes, 69 Redcliff street
Palmer W. 17 Bedminster causeway
Rider E. East street, Bedminster
Rider J . 5 Temple street
Stothert G. K. & Co. Floating dock, Hotwells .
Williams A. G. & Co. 39-40 Thomas st
Winterson Charles, S. 55 Redcliff street


Ashton Gate Brewery Co. (T. W. Hardwick manager)
Bishop and Butt, Redcliff Mead lane
Collier & Co. Victoria Brewery, St Paul’s
Crook J. North street, Bedminster
Foll & Abbott, Stokes croft
Garton, Russell, & Co. Lawrence hill
Georges & Co. Old Porter brewers, Bath street
Green Brothers, Temple Backs
James & Pierce, Bedminster bridge
Jones Thomas, Lawrence hill
Lewis R. Cathay Brewery
Marsh John, Prince street, St Paul’s
Pring B. St. Michael’s hill
Rogers W. J. Jacob street, Old Market
Sleigh H. N. & Co. Lawrence hill
Stooke C. Clarence road
Sykes & Co. 107 Redcliff street
Usher J. & Thomas, Horfield road
Ward & Hewett, Kingsdown Brewery

(Brewers Agents)

E. W. Villiers, 5 Stephen street
Cork J. Thomas, 6 Prince street
Edward Bullock, 7-8 Tontine warehouse, Quay
E. C. Parsons, Baldwin street
E. H. Wilkinson, 32 King street
W. Rogers, Philadelphia street
Henry Charlton, 6 Stephen street
W. H. Dunn, 15 Nelson st
George Moon, 5 Temple back
J. Wetherman, King street
Kemball & Powell, 9 Tontine warehouse, Quay
F. G. Powell, Small street
W. H. Dunn, 16 Nelson street
T. J. Marshall, Quay head
Roy A. & Son, King street
M. Laney, 16 Small street
Lewis E. T; Bridewell street

Brick and Tile Makers

Avon-Bank Brick & Tile Co. St. Philip’s marsh
Brain & Co. Crew’s hole, St George’s
Clark J. Stapleton road
Duffet H. Victoria road, St. Philip’s
Headford Mrs S. Upper Easton
Higgs Thomas, Stapleton road
Hutchings W. St. Philip’s marsh and Temple backs
Leonard, Boult & Co. Easton Colliery
Marsh George, St. Philip’s marsh
Morgan John, Sheene lane, Bedminster
Roach Joseph, St. Philip’s marsh
Roach Mrs E. Easton road
Russell T. Lower Montague st (dealer)
Slade Henry, Easton road

Brick (Fire) and Stourbridge Clay Dealers

Andrews E. & W. Temple back
Brain & Co. Crew’s hole, St George’s
Church T. Barton hill
Cripps R. Redcliff wharf
Danks & Sanders, Bull wharf, Redcliif street
Higgs Thomas, Stapleton road
Leonard, Boult, & Co. Easton Colliery
Rich William, St. Philip’s marsh
Russell Thomas, Lower Montague st

(see special heads, as Colonial, Furniture, Ship, Stock and Share Brokers. For Produce Brokers see Merchants)

Brush, Mop, Mat, and Sieve Makers

Ames Mrs William, Nelson place. Clifton
Beard Henry, 2 Orchard st. St Philip’s
Bevan P. 41 Maryport street
Bevan R. 24 Broadmead
Brison E. & Co. 60 Redcliff street
Bristol Asylum for the Blind
Catlin John, 20 Wine street
Coster C. A. 4 Paxton place, Easton road
Coulsting E. A. 46 College green
Dark Joseph, 12 Twinnell street
Davis H. J. North street
Dimond Mrs 6 St. James’s churchyard
Greenslade E. A. & W. Thomas street
Gribble John, Narrow plain
Hazell & Co. 36 Park street
Hoare F. F. 44 High street
Hoskins T. 20 King square avenue
Hunt H. 4 North street
Jones & Co. 12 and 38 Maryport st
Lott V. 22 Redcliff street
Matthews H. 44 Maryport street
Peters John, 31 Love street
Potter J . E. Eldon place, Clifton
Triggs James, 24 Castle green
Vincent J . 18 Wine street
Vowles W. H. 5 Castle street
Watt George, 26 Temple street and 1 Prince’s place, Clifton

Builders and Contractors

Baker William & Co. Canons’ marsh
Ball Edwin, Eldon terrace, Bedminster
Banner W. 15 Cathay, Redcliff
Barrow J . B. Merchant’s road
Beaven James & Son, North st. Bedminster
Bennett J ames, 1 Bellevue terrace
Biggs Levi, Aniers road
Broad James W. Stanley villa, Bishopston
Broad John, 47 Southville
Broad J . 80 Old Market street
Brooks Harry, Asher lane
Brown J . N. Backfields, St Paul’s
Bryant R. M. 52 Old Market street
Cantle J. G. Lonsdale place, Stapleton road
Carpenter George, 10 Clark st, Stapleton road
Case James J . Sidney place, Redland
Coates William, Cheltenham road
Coleman William, 19 Highland place
Cook George, Anchor lane
Cosslett Richard, 13 Elgin park
Cotter David, Charles street
Cottrell Robert, York road, Montpelier
Cowlin Samuel, Grosvenor road
Cowlin W. & Son, 3 Brunswick square
Cox G. 1 Clarke street, Dings
Crocker R. J . East street, Bedminster
Cunningham & Bales, Lawrence hill
Davies H. 2 Claremont st, Kingsdown
Davies Henry, Highbury terrace
Davis & Son, 1 Selwood villas
Davy R. & J . Beaufort buildings
Diment J . 10 St James’ square
Eastabrook J . & Son, Pennywell rd
Edkins W. & Son, Charlotte street
Foster J . & J . Pembroke street
Fugil D. 1 Clark st, Stapleton road
Gay Esau & Son, 118 Thomas street
Gay G. Cotham park
Gorvett William, 1 City road
Grant J . Hampton road
Greenslade Amos, 18 East Redcliff crescent
Hale F. 1 Bellevue crescent
Hall J . Victoria park, Clifton
Hamblett John, 16 Hampton terrace
Harding &Vowles, 17 Castle green
Harris G. N. Clifton place, Clifton
Harvey J . Ambray hill
Hatherly E. J . 71 Stokes croft
Hayes J . G. & Sons, East st. Bedminster
Hill T. Newton street
Holding Samuel, ‘ Anjer’ s road, Totterdown
Hucker J . Nugent hill
Hunt Henry, St James’s square
King C. 6 City road
King George, Stanley street
King J . W. Oakfield road
King Joseph William, Hampton grove
Kingstone M. 53 Redcliff street
Kingston Moses, 12 Dean st. St Paul’s
Lambert J . Ashley hill
Lawrence J . 1 Rosemary street
Leat Reuben, Richmond st, Totterdown
Lee W. Canons’ marsh
Lewis & Sons, Regent place, Clifton
Lloyd Sam, Richmond terrace, Totterdown
Storkey Joseph, Upper Maudlin street
Summerville John, Wilder street
Symes E. J . 20 Prince street, St Paul’s
Thomas Charles, 7 Windsor terrace Totterdown
Thomas T. J . 2 Vincent place, Redland
Thorn George, 4 Charlton place, Hotwells
Walters William E. St. Matthew’s road
Warren J .& G. Charles street
Watts George, 12 Lower Ashley place
Webb Charles Malvern villa, Redland road
Webb Thomas, 22 Cumberland street
Webley Joseph, West Sussex place, Ashley road
White & Richards, Prince’s place
Williams H. St. James’s square and York street
Williams Joshua, 12 Dean street
Williams Joshua, Wilder street
Williams M. 81 Old Market street
Williams W. & G. 2 Spring street place, Bedminster
Williams W. D. 5 Somerset square
Wood James, Stanley street
Yalland J . Captain Cary’s lane
York Benjamin, Winford villa, Horfield

Bullion Merchants

Chillcott William, Abion chambers

(see www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15703892607/)

Butter Factors and Merchants
(also see cheese factors)

Clark William & Son, 148 Temple street
Flynn & Chard, 30 Bridge street
Ford W.G. 9 Bedminster causeway
Milner W.R. 50 Old Market street
Pritchard F.W. Arlington place
Stallard Cecilia, 10 Bedminster parade
Symes H.J, & Co. 9 Temple street

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