More than 70% smart cities shall be Developed in 12 states including Dholera


Uttar Pradesh has got maximum smart cities which are 13 in number. This is followed by Tamil Nadu which has 12 smart cities to its credit , Maharashtra at 10 smart cities and Madhya Pradesh having 7 smart cities.The list also includes 24 capital cities. Cities like Chennai, Dehradun, Vishakhapatnam, Karnal, Aligarh, Jhansi,Thanjavur, Salem, Erode, […]

Digital commerce or ecommerce can be a expression for virtually any type of business

It covers a variety of various styles of organizations, from purchaser based mostly retail web sites, through closeout or audio sites, to internet marketing business exchanges exchanging products and products and services amongst organizations. It really is right now on the list of most imperative aspects of online to emerge. Ecommerce permits individuals to electronically […]

Dholera Airport Accelerates Private Sector Participation in the Smart City


Dholera airport has opened the floodgates of private sector participation in India’s first smart city. The smart city has been planned by the apex body as one that shall be built six times the size of Shanghai and is also targeted at being developed as a global trading and manufacturing hub. Its unique feature and […]

Dholera Steps up to Defeat Kakinada as a Smart City


The phrase ‘Smart city’ reverberates in the ears again and again as this new vision of the Indian government has gained unprecedented momentum. Soon, the country shall be gloried with 100 smart cities, each of it shall be technologically sound and equipped with international standard infrastructure, elevated lifestyle and basic amenities such as sanitation, power […]