Development commences in the first smart city of India – Dholera SIR


An amount of Rs. 2,785 crore was sanctioned by the central government for development of trunk infrastructure which has provided the city a head start and put it way above the other 10 smart cities of India. The trunk infrastructure development is to happen on 22.5 square kilometer area also known as the “activation area.” […]

What is Smart City?


A developed urban region that creates sustainable economic development and high class standard of life by excelling in various key areas like economy, mobility, environment, people, living, and government. The thought of Smart City, varies from city to city and country to country, depending on the level of development, motivation to change and improvement, resources […]

THE Production AND Potential PERSPECTIVE OF E-Trade

THE Production AND Potential PERSPECTIVE OF E-Trade E-Business, in other keywords, pertains to Electronic digital trade. Kenneth and Carol (1944) defined Electronic and digital trade as the exploitation of web and world wide web-based techniques to order and offer merchandise and providers on the net. Bajaj (1999) also suggested that automated business is the exploitation […]