India’s first smart city: Dholera city

The foundation of the city was laid way back when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Since then, he had envisioned Dholera to be the first smart city of India and the biggest Greenfield project ever. Of the 100 other smart cities that are being planned and conceptualized, Dholera city is the only Greenfield project while the others shall be Brownfield project.

Of the 100 smart cities, a list of 20 cities has recently been declared that shall now see the light of day. While they shall progress in time, Dholera city is way ahead of them. The master plan of DSIR has been laid down, approved and now reached the execution stage. The following developments in the city are indicative of its pace of development.

A full proof plan that shall connect the city to PAN India and rest of the world has been finalized. The city shall be connected via a six lane expressway to Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar. A high speed metro rail shall link Dholera to Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Railway routes and connectivity through port has also been planned for DSIR. The Dholera international airport has also been approved 20 kilometers from Dholera. Funding has been received from the government for the same and project site measuring 1700 hectares has also been finalized.

Rs. 1,734 crore EPC contract has been awarded to L&T for construction of roads and services in Dholera Smart city. Major and minor roads shall be created by the infrastructure giant.

Rs. 72.31 crore contract for construction of ABCD building has been given to Cube Constructions Co. Site demarcation work has begun.

Rs. 2,784 crores has been allocated by central government for development of trunk infrastructure components in Dholera. 22.5 square kilometer land has been contributed by the state government as a part of equity contribution towards this project.
A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) has been formed in 50:50 partnership by state government of Gujarat and central government. This SPV shall be responsible for supervising the developments in Dholera city.

Five early bird projects have been identified in the city. These projects shall be crucial in setting up the support system for the surge of economic activities that is anticipated in Dholera and hence has been put on fast track. The projects are six lane expressway connecting Dholera to Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar, Dholera International Airport, High Speed Metro Rail to facilitate movement between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, Industrial Mega Parks and Rail Based Multi Modal Logistics Park.

Dholera city shall be developed as one of its kind cities of India and be an inspiration to the upcoming 100 smart cities whose foundation is yet to be laid.

My Name is Soniya, working with SmartHomes Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, which provides Residential Plots in Dholera city.

IBM creates smarter cities plan for Dighi Port Industrial Area in India
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Image by ibmphoto24
CEO of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Ltd. Amitava Kant (Left) and and IBM Global Business Services Smarter Cities Director Rahul Sharma (Right) review the master plan for one of India’s most ambitious infrastructure programs to develop new industrial "Smart Cities" spanning across six states in India. (Sanjay Gupta/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

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