Dholera Smart City: An Overview

Dholera smart city is the maiden smart city to be developed in India. Envisioned as a global trading and manufacturing hub, the city lies in the Ahmedabad district in the Gulf of Khambhat. It covers a massive area of 920 square kilometers which is covered by water bodies on three fronts.

The city encompasses 22 villages and is divided into six town planning schemes. The town planning scheme 1 has been kept aside specifically for residential housing purpose. Speaking of residential housing, the demand in this sector is expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years with a rise in the economic activities in the region. Currently hosting a population of 37,000 residents (2001 census), the city is expected to host about 2 million people in the next thirty years. This shall create an immense spur in demand for homes in the affordable housing segment.

Mrs. Meenakshi Khurana, Managing Director, Smart Homes comments that ” Dholera shall see an enormous demand for affordable housing in the upcoming years. The city is expected to generate 0.80 million new employment opportunities in due time which shall serve as a reason for mid-level income people to move to DSIR. These people would therefore be looking for budgeted housing options. Considering this, Smart Homes is focusing at building Affordable Housing Township in Dholera smart city and cater to the demand.” Smart Homes, a visionary Real estate and Infrastructural company based in New Delhi, plans to develop 1 million homes in India in line with Central government’s vision. Smart Homes plans to develop these homes in 100 Smart Cities and 500 AMRUT cities of India in a phased manner by 2050.

Rs. 2,784 crores has been sanctioned by the government for creation of trunk infrastructure components in Dholera smart city. This shall act as a catalyst in inviting alternate investments in the region which shall be required for rapid development of the city. Another Rs. 1,700 crores has been sanctioned for development of Dholera international airport 20 kilometers from Dholera and 80 kilometers from Ahmedabad. This airport shall be instrumental in supporting the rising economic activities in the region and also share the burden ofAhmedabad airport. Further, Rs. 1,700 crores tender has been awarded to L&T for construction of roads and services in Dholera smart city.

The city is being built near the 1,483 kilometer long DMIC corridor and is therefore expected to gain immensely through such proximity. Besides, Dholera smart city is well connected to nearby cities and on international front through its state of art infrastructure that includes 6 lane expressway, Dholera international airport, railways, metro and port.
Termed as the ‘engine for economic resurgence of India’, Dholera smart city shall set the stage for the next 100 smart cities to be developed in the country.

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